Lake Monsters

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File_000 (3).jpegHaven’t shot on an XL2 in ages, but you still can’t beat firewire for low budget live work.

DVDs are in the Mail

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Thank you! Hope you enjoy the show.

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3rd Year of Best Overall: 50 Hour Film 2016

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Following a weekend of little sleep, high caffeine intake and enough stress for a whole year, our team completed the task to conceptualize, write, shoot and edit a short film in a weekend. This is our 50 that started it all, circa 2014

Premier Beer League Web Series

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Not sure if I’ll ever be able to shoot at a higher level of competition than the one and only “Catamount Senior Elite Men’s League” Or CSEHL. I drive the Zamboni during their games and offered to shoot a couple for a friend.

But hey, the footage got licensed for a commercial!

Three peat

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Game footage shawn.00_07_53_43.Still003.jpg

Screen grab from the multi camera championship coverage I did for both of the division one games. Being tall is nice.

Essex Has Talent 2016

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After 3 years of producing videos for this exact show, some of these kids still surprise me.

Second camera help by Cameron Bushey